From start to finish, the journey of creating our first Workbook. - somethingcreativ
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From start to finish, the journey of creating our first Workbook.


15 Aug From start to finish, the journey of creating our first Workbook.

A couple of months ago I finally had a quiet period and had the time to get to work on creating my first workbook. I actually created two versions, one focussed on the core of my business, as a sports focused graphic design consultancy and a second of non-sport related projects.


A couple of years back I had made an initial start on it, but like anyone who runs their own business will know, the last thing you actually have time for when your juggling a business, family and life is having time to work on your own projects.


With the great portfolio of clients I’ve worked with over the last 8 years I set about creating this master piece! The first non-sport focussed one went without a hitch, took more time than I thought, as I’d actually worked on more non-sport projects than I’d realised.


Then came a bit of a school boy error (an understatement to say the least). While updating to my new MacBook Pro, maybe my mind wasn’t in the right place as my dad had just passed away, but I accidentally saved over my backup drive… I did have a secondary drive off site but that didn’t have the last 9 months of work on it. After a call to Apple and various IT specialists, I ended up purchasing another hard drive, software and started the process of retrieving as many files as I could onto the new drive which took 48 hours. It did retrieve quite a bit and the only downside was none of the files were named so had to go through individually to retrieve elements I need which was time consuming to say the least… but lesson learned!


As I started to build the sport version, with so many great projects, it was which ones to select. Eventually it all started to come together, being a designer and a perfectionist, I kept on tweaking till finally I was done!


Edition One complete, showcasing the great work we’ve done and is ready to go. As we’ve also been updating our website we took the opportunity to add the workbook as a download from our website for all to see… Until Edition Two, which I hope won’t be another 8 years in the making!