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08 Sep Unplug and recharge yourself

Today we are more connected than ever before, but life in the digital age is far from ideal with a bombardment of content via YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, emails, text messages and blogs. As a freelancer I’m only too aware of the importance of this...

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in the beginning starting a sports branding agency

12 Oct In the beginning…

As I sit here on my sun lounger contemplating my ninth consecutive day on the water I've decided to write my first blog about combining my passion for design and windsurfing. After 28-years of windsurfing which included competing at two IMCO World Championships in the early...

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sports branding and product styling surrey

28 Sep The benefits of a career in design

Like so many growing up I wanted to be a footballer. Like so many that dream never became a reality. I think playing against the Arsenal FC youth team at sixteen and marking, or at least trying to, Paul Merson, who went on to play...

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